Coronavirus Update – Latest News @ April 2022

With national restrictions in England officially lifted, the funeral industry has now returned to pre-pandemic processes and rules in most instances.  The wearing of masks at funerals is now purely optional and the choice of each individual. We are now arranging funerals face-to-face with families, however should a family prefer we can of course make arrangements over the telephone, or via a ZOOM meeting.

The disruption of the pandemic has removed the need on families having to collect the ‘Medical Certificate of Death’ from the surgery or hospital/hospice Bereavement Team. However, whilst during the pandemic everything by way of registering a death and making arrangements for a funeral was done electronically or over the telephone families must now make an appointment with the Registrar’s office to formally register a death in person. The electronic transfer of certain key documents such as the ‘MCCD’ and the ‘Green Form’ will still be done electronically. Our staff will explain the registration process in more detail and will answer any other questions you may have.