Coronavirus Update – Latest News @ 20th September 2021

With the remaining national restrictions in England now officially lifted, our industry has returned to pre-pandemic processes and rules. Organisations in charge of running crematoriums, along with the authorities regarding churches, in spite of the Government’s official removal of the need for the public to adhere to certain rules, in place throughout the pandemic, have in certain instances chosen to set their own ‘local’ rules. These may involve the continuance of mourners being encouraged to wear masks and also can still limit numbers of mourners attending funerals in some locations.

As we have been doing for the last 18 months, we will continue to arrange funerals with families over the telephone, or via a ZOOM meeting. In order to protect the wellbeing of the families we care for, along with that of our staff, due to the ongoing high levels of Covid infections we regret that we are still unable to welcome families into our premises to arrange funerals face-to-face. We will continue to regularly review this decision, but until the infection rate reduces dramatically only then will we be able to consider face-to-face meetings on our premises. Please note that viewings of a deceased loved one in our Chapel of Rest is allowed.

If there are any small positives, the disruption of the pandemic has in turn removed the burden on families having to travel to collect the ‘Medical Certificate of Death’ and to then visit a Registrar’s office to formally register a death. With the introduction of the electronic transfer of key documents, the speed of registering a death has in fact become somewhat quicker and less onerous than the pre-Covid registration process. Since the the Government’s recent announcement we have yet to hear from the various authorities involved as to whether the registration process is going to revert back to the pre-Covid system. Our staff will explain the various ‘local’ rules in more detail and will answer any other associated questions you may have.