Coronavirus Update – March 2021

Funerals, since the outbreak, are somewhat different to what they were previously. Regulations requiring people to socially distance has caused additional distress to families having lost a loved one, compounded by pre-set limitations on numbers of mourners permitted to attend funerals.

In addition to national social distancing regulations crematoriums and churches have also introduced ‘local’ rules.  The maximum number of mourners permitted to attend a service is set by each crematorium authority or individual church minister, based upon the size and layout of each chapel/church. Singing by mourners is not currently being allowed at services. To protect all parties involved we ask families to sign a disclaimer, which clearly details the maximum time allowed for a funeral service, along with confirming the total numbers allowed to attend. Below are the maximum numbers currently permitted at our local crematoriums:

Most crematoriums offer online webcast viewing of funeral services, with a 28-day watch again facility, enabling family and friends not able to attend to view the funeral service via the internet. This facility does need to be pre-booked.

We are available 24/7, to look after the needs of each family who come to us. Currently we arrange funerals over the telephone, or via a ZOOM meeting, which offers multiple family members to be part of the arranging process. The disruption of the pandemic has removed the burden on families having to travel to collect the Death Certificate and visit a Registrar to formally register a death. With the introduction of the electronic transfer of key documents, the speed of formally registering a death has in fact become somewhat quicker.

Our limousine has been fitted with a hygiene screen, allowing 5/6 mourners to be conveyed to and from a funeral. Our Chapel of Rest is open, allowing families to spend time with their loved ones. This latter option is not available should the deceased be identified to be, or suspected of being, Covid-19 positive.

The health and safety of our staff is of our highest concern, along with being able to look after families requiring our services and we have different procedures in place for deceased tested or suspected as being Covid-19 positive. Whilst this does not affect how we look after families and arrangements for a funeral, it can result in certain differences in some procedures.

We respectfully ask for your continued support in these challenging times. We are making every effort to provide our families with as normal a service as is practically possible, however, we can only do this in line with the rules and guidelines that makes everything as safe as possible for everyone. Our staff will explain the various ‘local’ rules in more detail.

Thank you for your ongoing understanding.