Make a donation

Many families like donations to be made to a chosen charity close to their hearts, in memory of their loved one. All donations are made online by debit or credit card payment by choosing the relevant funeral from the list below. Alternatively, to see all the funerals we are presently looking after, where the family have requested we display the details of the funeral service only without any donations, please click ‘Current Funerals’.

All online donations are processed by ‘Memory Giving’. To read more about donating using ‘Memory Giving’ please click here for their terms and conditions. Donations made through ‘Memory Giving’ are dealt with solely by ‘Memory Giving’, which pass the donated funds onto the chosen charity.

Donations are accepted up to 6 weeks after a funeral. When the donation page closes the family will be sent a comprehensive report by ‘Memory Giving’ listing all donations made.

Please note that ‘Memory Giving’, similar to other on-line payment services, take a 5% fee from the donation to cover their administrative costs. Debit/credit card payments are transacted via Worldpay who charge up to a 2% fee for processing each donation. These deductions are NOT applicable on any Gift Aid element of a donation and C. Waterhouse & Sons and Heathfield Funeral Service do not receive a fee from you or ‘Memory Giving’ for donations made through ‘Memory Giving’.

If you qualify for Gift Aid, you should tick where indicated on the donation page. This potentially increases your donation by upwards of 13% which, in our opinion, balances the additional ‘Memory Giving’ charges.