Attending a Service at Eastbourne Crematorium

Attending a Service at Eastbourne Crematorium

There are two cremation chapels at this site one with a larger chapel and one is for smaller services. 

As part of the ongoing service offered to families, there is a media system available to broadcast the funeral service privately and securely over the internet. Thereby enabling friends and relatives to virtually attend the service at Eastbourne Crematorium anywhere in the world.

This is a vital service at the moment, especially with limited numbers being able to attend a funeral service. The full service can be viewed either ‘live’ on the day by logging in at the correct time, or ‘on demand’ up to 28 days after the service.

Next to each chapel there is a public waiting room and following the chapel. When families and friends leave after the service, they will walk out into an enclosed open air “flower court”. This is where most families will stand to speak with one another and view the flower arrangements.

The entire funeral service may take place at the crematorium. Or a service can be held elsewhere followed by a ‘committal only’ service at the crematorium.

The cemetery chapel offers an alternative to the larger crematorium chapel and has many of the media facilities found at the crematorium. This chapel can accommodate up to 55 people seated in a more ‘traditional setting’.

Or you may choose to have no service at all and the coffin can be taken direct to the crematory.

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