Simple Funeral Services

The Covid pandemic in 2020/21 has forced many changes across the world, not least and very sadly within the funeral industry. With current restrictions limiting the numbers of mourners permitted to attend funerals, as well as only small wakes being held, there is no longer the wide range of different options there used to be for funerals which you may have normally intended for your loved one. Although this is hopefully soon to change, a simple funeral, with a less complex service is being chosen by families more and more and we foresee this will carry on even once the current restrictions are finally lifted.

A simple funeral service is still a traditional service, but at a more affordable price, by keeping funeral costs to a minimum. This option still ensures your family and friends can say their goodbyes in a respectful and loving way, but being mindful at the same time as to the financial elements involved.

Your Options…

With a simple funeral, the following will be the possible compromises you could make to reduce the overall cost:

Our normal fees will be covered, plus the essential disbursements such as the burial, or cremation costs, (plus doctor’s fee where relevant); a hearse, and a simple coffin of your choosing.

Even under normal circumstances, for some families an elaborate funeral is the very last thing they would wish for. In other instances there may be have been instructions left by the deceased that they want a no fuss or frills funeral. This is not a problem, as we can offer a very dignified, simple cremation or burial, to meet the requirements of the family. Of course, if you prefer to keep everything even more simple, then you can also choose our ‘Direct to Cremation Service’.

C. Waterhouse & Sons and Heathfield Funeral Service have a wealth of experience in accommodating and arranging simple funeral services in the south east. We can discuss all of the options should you be pre-planning a funeral, or at the time of need.

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