Traditional Cremation Services

Whilst each funeral we arrange is uniquely different, they all fall into one of two categories; being either cremation or burial. Since the early 19th century cremations have gradually become the preferred option over burials, to such an extent that today cremations represents some 79% of all funerals in the UK.

The decision as to which option to go for is personal to each family we look after. Decisions may have been taken by the deceased prior to their passing, which makes it a little easier for whoever is organising the funeral. For other families they will want to explore the different options available before arriving at their final choice. With the many options available our experienced team will gently talk through each one in detail, fully explaining the differences, thereby empowering each family to arrive at an informed decision.

Traditional Cremation Services

Whatever your preference; whether it be a funeral service at the crematorium; or perhaps in church first, followed by cremation, or a private cremation followed by a service in church, we can arrange the funeral of your choosing for your loved one. We also offer a Simple Funeral Service as well as a Direct to Cremation Service.

Why we are different

There are many reasons why we are different. One of the main ones is that we look after your loved one from the start until the funeral service. Unlike many other funeral directors we do have the need to call upon third party services, as we have all the facilities we need in-house. Your loved will not leave our care once we have collected them and we keep them, safe with us, in a respectful and dignified way. You can choose to come and visit them in our Chapel of Rest, if you would like to; spending private time with them before the funeral.

Your options for the day

We regularly work with all local crematoriums; Wealden, Kent & Sussex, Eastbourne and Hastings. You may want to choose which venue you would like based on geographical location, but sometimes the decision can depend on availability.

We have our own fleet of funeral vehicles and you can decide on what you would like to use. It may just be a hearse, but we can also supply you with some stylish funeral cars to accompany your loved one on the way to the service. You also have the option of using Land Rovers, as well as a horse drawn carriage. The range of choices are many.

You can choose which celebrant you would like to have at the crematorium, or if you are having a church service then the vicar will conduct the service.

The order of the service you decide upon is totally up to you. You can have hymns, pre-recorded music, a live singer, readings, a personal tribute; whatever you would like to make it personal for the service. Flowers can be arranged to be delivered to us on the morning so they can accompany the hearse on it’s journey.

Scattering ashes

Many people prefer to scatter the ashes of their loved one in a location that meant something to them. While there are no national laws restricting the scattering of ashes of the deceased over land, you would need the permission of landowners if you’re considering scattering them on private land.

Please get in touch

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