Pre-Paid Funeral Plans

The much publicised rising costs of funerals naturally concerns many people and increasingly families are now considering the benefits in taking out a pre-paid funeral plan. Whether for themselves or a member of their family, a funeral plan will ensure loved ones will be spared much of the burden of organising and having to pay for a funeral at the time of need. A pre-paid funeral plan will also help provide peace of mind by knowing who will take care of your arrangements when the time comes.

Pre-paying for a funeral offers protection against ever rising funeral costs by fixing the cost of your funeral director’s services at today’s prices, so is a financially prudent decision that will save money, thereby benefiting your family or estate. As importantly, a funeral plan will also enable you to record your personal wishes as to various elements of your funeral, thereby removing decisions that would need to be taken by others at an emotionally difficult time.

Through Golden Charter, C. Waterhouse & Sons offers the ‘Independent Way’ funeral plan, which is flexible; easy to operate and we believe to be financially prudent. Each plan is individually tailored to your specific requirements and wishes. Our team can provide further advice and guidance to assist you to make the right decision. To find out more and request a free, no obligation guide to the ‘Independent Way’ funeral plan please contact us.

If you have already purchased a pre-paid funeral plan and possibly wish to transfer this to C. Waterhouse & Sons, we would be happy to talk to you about this. Please call us on 01435-882219 to discuss your requirements.