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Not everyone’s wishes are to have a funeral service. Some people want no fuss or ceremony; whilst other families do not want the expense of a full funeral. A deceased’s wishes may state they do not want anyone else to be present, whilst others choose to separate the cremation from the funeral service itself. We can offer a suitable low cost, no fuss, local solution which enables families, if they so wish, to have a way to achieve what they want by way of looking after their loved one, but not having to go down the route of a full funeral service.

Some national companies have over the last couple of years committed very large budgets to TV/Press marketing campaigns promoting what is commonly known in the industry as ‘Direct Cremation’. As the name suggests, this option is a basic cremation, with no service taking place in the chapel at the crematorium and with no minster/celebrant present. Whatever the reasons for wanting this type of option, C. Waterhouse & Sons/Heathfield Funeral Service are able to meet the need with our Simple Direct Cremation service. Our product comes with additional options, which the national direct cremation companies simply cannot offer and as importantly, everything is carried out locally by our family-owned business, whose knowledgeable staff and professional facilities provide the very best of care for the families we have the privilege to look after.

Why would you use a national company to look after your loved one, located many miles away, with your only point of contact being via a call centre, when we can offer so much more locally to you and your family?

(*Please refer to our Price List for full details and terms & conditions on this service)

Please note that a Golden Charter pre-paid funeral plan is NOT available on our ‘Simple Direct Cremation’ product.

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Why We Are Different

Below is a comparison table detailing what we can offer to families on a local basis, versus the national providers.

C. Waterhouse & Sons
& Heathfield Funeral Service

All fees for an unattended cremation
locally at Wealden Crematorium, Horam

All doctors fees for cremation certificates, where required

Expert help and advice, available 24/7,
from experienced staff, with knowledge of our local community

Prompt conveyance of your loved one, day or night,
by our gentlemen to our local Chapel of Rest, at no extra cost*

Simple wood
effect coffin

Quiet time in our local Chapel of Rest,
with closed coffin

Option to send flowers to accompany the coffin for cremation,
and the opportunity to have any personal mementoes placed in coffin

Cremation on an agreed date & at a time mutually agreeable to all parties, so you and your family can choose quiet reflection time, or another form of suitable recognition

Conveyance of your loved one to Wealden Crematorium, by two of our smartly dressed gentlemen in our hearse, in a dignified manner. Option to follow our hearse to, or meet hearse at, Wealden Crematorium in the grounds to offer a personal farewell and to share some private moments

Witnessed scattering of your loved one’s ashes, locally in Wealden Crematorium Garden of Remembrance, or free hand delivery of your loved ones ashes back to your family within 10 days, up to a 20 mile radius from our office.

Long standing and trusted provider of funeral services, for nearly 100 years, by our family owned, independent, local funeral directors

National Providers

All fees for an unattended cremation
at a crematorium, many miles away

All doctors fees for cremation certificates, where required

Help and advice, available 24/7 via a national call centre

Conveyance of your loved one, day or night, at an additional cost

No choice of coffin

No viewing of your loved one, or personal time with closed coffin

No option to send flowers to accompany the coffin for cremation,
or to have personal mementoes placed in coffin

Cremation on a date and time known only to the service provider

Option not available

No witnessing of ashes scattering.
Delivery of ashes back to your family, but can take up to 3 weeks

Provider of direct cremation service only

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