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Funerals in the 21st Century reflect the many changes in the profile of the society in which we live. For over 90 years our family has built a reputation for the quality and dignity with which we arrange and carry out every funeral service. We pride ourselves on the meticulous and personal attention given to every detail, from the moment of first contact with the family, throughout making all the arrangements, right through to the care we offer before, on and following the day of the funeral.

Our experienced and knowledgeable team ensures the individual requests and wishes of each family are truly reflected in the funeral arrangements of every funeral we look after.

“The song is ended, but the melody lingers on…” Irving Berlin, Songwriter

Death is the natural consequence of life. It is inevitable, unavoidable and will come to us all. Fundamentally, a sense of profound loss is often at the heart of anyone following the death of someone close to them.

Arranging a funeral starts with you – the family of the person who has died. You can organise it your way; as a reflection and celebration of someone’s life. Our role is to support families in their choices for a funeral that is in keeping with the person who has died and we have found that increasingly, families are adopting an holistic approach to family life and family death.

The slow process of healing, following the loss of a loved one, often starts with the funeral. Letting go often begins with getting involved in making the arrangements, at least initially, maybe through putting together a flower arrangement, helping to carry the coffin, to deciding on the type of music and readings for the service itself.

Below are examples of the different types of funeral options available:

Traditional Cremation

We work with all local crematoriums; Wealden, Kent & Sussex, Eastbourne and Hastings. You may want to choose which venue you would like based on geographical location, or you may have a preference based on the layout and grounds in which the crematorium sits.

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We spend time at all the local churches and cemeteries in our area. If a burial has been chosen, then the church will most probably have already been discussed and decided upon. Your loved one may have an affinity with the church they attended as well. For those not wanting a churchyard burial there a re other options available, which our team will talk to you about.

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Basic Funeral

For some families an elaborate funeral is the very last thing they wish for. So we can arrange a very dignified, simple cremation or burial, to meet the requirements of the family. Some families may prefer to either take the service themselves, or to not have any form of service prior to the cremation or burial taking place.

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Wealden Crematorium

Humanist & Non-Religious

Some families wish the service for their loved one to be taken by a non-religious celebrant/humanist. On the day of the service the celebrant will do as much, or as little, to complement any parts that the family and/or friends are doing within the service itself, by way of readings or tributes.

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Simple Direct Cremation

Not everyone wants to have a funeral service when someone dies. For some they do not want the fuss, for others they do not want the expense of a full funeral service. On occasions specific instructions may have been left by the deceased person that they do not want anyone else to be present, or prefer to separate the cremation from the funeral service itself.

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Green & Woodland Funerals

As people become more aware as to the environmental issues facing the world, families may request a burial for their loved one to take place in a specially designated area of a cemetery, or specialist woodland burial site.


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We have a wide experience in the many religious and spiritual beliefs of the many families we have assisted over the years, offering a great richness in the funeral services that we have witnessed. From a full Roman Catholic or Russian Orthodox Mass, to a small discreet rural chapel; we have led a coffin through a bluebell strewn wood and stood in complete silence with two people around a grave. But if we have learned one thing over the many years we have been caring for bereaved families, it is that people are as different in death as they are in life. If it feels like the right thing to do, it probably is – you are not organising an event, you are creating a unique memory.

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