Funeral Celebrants

Funeral celebrants (also referred to as ‘Humanists’) are individuals who officiate at non religious funeral services. Their role is to provide a personalised ceremony to celebrate the life of your loved one or family member. The celebrant will do as much, or as little in a service, depending on the wishes of each family. A celebrant is there to act as Master of Ceremonies talk to you about the life of your loved one. This includes asking for personal memories and stories, building up a picture of what they were like as a person. A celebrant draws on these collective memories and creates a personalised, unique service to look back poignantly at the life they led.

At C. Waterhouse & Sons and Heathfield Funeral Service, we have a number of local celebrants we usually work with. Each one providing a personal touch to the ceremonies they hold and make sure that each service is conducted with the utmost respect and attention to detail. When choosing a celebrant for your service, the decision is completely up to you. The celebrants below work independently and therefore are not tied in anyway to us as the funeral director. This means you are free to choose one of these celebrants for your service, or if you perhaps have someone else you would like to use, you are more than welcome to do so.

There are independent celebrants listed online on Independent Celebrants.

Lesley Arnold-Hopkins

Mick Gosden

Tori Bond

Fiona Illingworth

Thomas Duncanson

Further Information on Funeral Services

If you are looking for further information on funeral services we have plenty of information on our website. There is useful information on what to do when someone dies, as well as information about local crematoriums and what to expect when attending a service at Wealden, Kent & Sussex, and Eastbourne Crematorium.

Of course, if you have just lost a loved one or family member, you may prefer to speak to one of our team. Please do not hesitate to pick up the phone and call either C. Waterhouse and Sons on 01435-882219, or Heathfield Funeral Service on 01435-862648.

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