Burial Services

Whilst each funeral we arrange is uniquely different, they all fall into one of two categories; either a cremation or burial. The decision as to which option to go for is personal to each family we look after. Decisions may have been taken by the deceased prior to their passing, which can make it easier for whoever is organising the funeral, whilst for others the family may want to explore the different options available before arriving at their choice. There may be an existing family burial plot which can be used, or some may have pre-booked and reserved their plot in a cemetery. With the many options available, our experienced team will gently talk through each one in detail, fully explaining the differences, thereby empowering each family to arrive at an informed decision to match their wishes.

Burial plots

A burial plot is a section of land in a church, cemetery, or natural woodland burial site where a person can be buried. It can accommodate individuals, couples or families. However this will depend on the size of the plot. Many churchyards are either already closed or are growing full. Cemeteries are also facing the same issues and if you are thinking you would like to be buried then it may be advisable to consider buying your plot, especially if you would like a family plot.

Why we are different

There are many reasons why we are different. One of the main ones is that we look after your loved one from the start until the funeral service. They do not leave our care and we keep them, safe with us in a respectful and dignified way. You can then choose to come and visit with them, if you would like to; spending some private time with them before the funeral.

Your options for the day

We regularly work with all the local churches and cemeteries in our area. If a burial has been chosen, then the church will most probably have already been discussed and decided upon. Your loved one may have an affinity with the church they attended as well as who they would like the service to be conducted by. There are however regulations that each church has to follow, which dictates as to who is permitted to be buried in their churchyard. Cemeteries equally have their own rules which will vary from cemetery to cemetery. Our team of experienced and knowledgeable funeral arrangers will gently walk you through the myriad of rules and regulations, along with explaining the do’s and don’ts, of which there can be many!

We have a fleet of funeral cars and you can decide what you would like to use. It may just be a hearse, but we can also supply you with some stylish funeral cars to accompany your loved one on the way to the service. We also have the option of sourcing Land Rovers, as well as a horse drawn carriage. The choices are many.

Please get in touch

Please call C. Waterhouse & Sons on 01435-882219 or Heathfield Funeral Service 01435-862648 if you are looking for traditional burial services. We’re here for you 24 hours a day, 365 days a year.

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