Green & Natural Woodland Funeral Services

People are becoming more aware of the environmental issues facing the world. Increasingly families are requesting a burial for their loved one to take place in a specially designated area of a cemetery, or natural woodland burial site. Having green & woodland funeral services are a wonderful and natural way to celebrate your loved one’s life.

The rules and regulations for these burial places can differ quite dramatically from that of a churchyard or cemetery. Some burial grounds may require only certain types of coffin being permitted, whilst others may prevent an actual headstone or memorial headstone being fitted. Very often nature is allowed to take hold in and around the burial plot, thereby returning the area to being as wild as nature intended.

Some woodland burial places have their own building where a service can take place prior to the burial, whilst others do not offer that facility. The funeral service would therefore take place either at the graveside, or in a nearby church, hall, marquee, or other suitable building. Whatever the requirements for a green, natural woodland funeral, we have have the experience and knowledge to arrange a suitable and memorable funeral for your loved one.

Natural Death Centre

C. Waterhouse and Sons and Heathfield Funeral Service are Funeral Directors recommended by the Natural Death Centre. At the heart of our work is the family; their wishes, and an open and honest dialogue with you. We respect the environment and we offer coffins made from ecologically friendly materials, using perhaps willow, wicker or bamboo.

There are several possibilities for an ecologically sound place for burial:

A Natural Burial Ground – there are over 260 locations across the UK.

Private Land – It is possible to arrange a burial on private land and is not as complicated as you might think.

At Sea – For those with a love of the sea or a seafaring past, you may wish the burial or scattering of ashes to be undertaken at sea.

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