‘Simple Direct Cremation’

Our ‘Simple Direct Cremation’ service is increasingly becoming a more popular choice. Not everyone’s wishes are to have a funeral service and this option is specifically for those people who want no fuss or ceremony; for others they do not want the expense of a full funeral. The deceased’s wishes may perhaps state they do not want anyone else to be present, whilst others prefer to separate the cremation from the funeral service itself. Whatever the reason, we can help with our ‘Simple Direct Cremation’ option.

Whatever the reason, our ‘Simple Direct Cremation’ option offers a very acceptable and simple local alternative to the standard style of funeral service. It enables families, if they so wish, to have a way to achieve what they want by way of looking after their loved one, but they do not have to go down the route of having a full funeral service.

What is included:

What is not included:

As the name suggests, a ‘Simple Direct Cremation’ does not include funeral service in the crematorium chapel, so a minister or celebrant is therefore not required. We also do not carry out any preparation of the deceased, such as embalming or dressing them.


At C. Waterhouse & Sons and Heathfield Funeral Service we will still take great care of your loved one before they go on their final journey and and this is one of the reasons why we are different to other funeral directors. At all stages of our ‘Simple Direct Cremation’ you will know where your loved one is, as they will be with us for the entire time. Increasingly national companies are advertising low cost direct cremations, however their service involves collecting and moving your loved one, in some cases, a long distance.  Our ‘Simple Direct Cremation’ offers a far more local service, at a comparable price to others, with a number of additional opportunities to help you say goodbye, which the national companies do not have the facility to handle. As importantly, our option is “local” to you and your family and does not require your loved to be sent many miles away for cremation.

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To find out more call C. Waterhouse & Sons on 01435-882219 or Heathfield Funeral Service 01435-862648 if you are looking for our ‘Simple Direction Cremation’ option. We are here for you 24 hours a day, 365 days a year.

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