Funeral Directors in East Sussex

C. Waterhouse & Sons and Heathfield Funeral Service are both family-run funeral directors working with many families across East Sussex. With over 88 years in the funeral industry, we are very experienced in our field of work.

About Us

C. Waterhouse & Sons is where we began many years ago, back in 1926. Our office can be found in Burwash High Street – you will instantly recognise us from our two little red doors. We work throughout all areas of East Sussex, as well as areas that border Sussex – such as Wadhurst and Tunbridge Wells in Kent. If you need to visit, office hours are officially Monday – Friday 8:30am to 5:30pm, closing on the weekends and bank holidays. However, should you need to contact us, one of our team members will pick up the phone to you 24 hours a day, 365 days of the year.

Over the years we have grown our business; opening Heathfield Funeral Service, in Hailsham Road, Heathfield. Still family-run by the same staff, just in another location. At Heathfield Funeral Service we often focus on areas closest to Heathfield itself – such as Horam, Punnetts Town, Warbleton, Rotherfield and Rushlake Green. By doing this, we remain well connected to our really local community. The office hours are the same – however someone will always answer your phone call – 24 hours a day, 365 days of the year.

Our Services

We know that not every loved one who passes away desires a traditional funeral. That is why we value the importance of variety at C. Waterhouse & Sons and Heathfield Funeral Service. There are many options available – each of which we would be more than happy to discuss with you.

Church Burials

This is considered the more traditional of our services. Sometimes, your loved one may have already chosen this option, prior to passing – or it may be down to the family to decide. You will have a burial plot, which is often in a burial ground or church yard. Along with this, you may want a church service led by a Vicar, prior or post-burial. This is not limited though as it burials often happen in an approved area of woodland. Find out more about our burial services.


Use of the surrounding crematoriums is the other popular choice for families looking for Cremation Services. This includes a service at the crematorium as well as the cremation itself. We work with Wealden Crematorium in Horam, Eastbourne Crematorium and Kent and Sussex Crematorium, located on the outskirts of Tunbridge Wells. Each offer serene areas for reflection – it just depends on which location you choose, perhaps based on your location.  We offer many other funeral options, including a simple funeral service, humanist & non-religious, Direct Cremation Services or a woodland service.

Memorial Services with our Celebrants

Funeral celebrants (also referred to as ‘Humanists’) are individuals who officiate at non religious funeral services, normally within a crematorium. Their role is to provide a personalised ceremony to celebrate the life of your loved one or family member. The celebrant will do as much, or as little in the service, depending on the wishes of each family. They there to act as Master of Ceremonies talk to you all about the life of your loved one. This includes asking for personal memories and stories, building up a picture of what they were like as a person. A celebrant draws on these collective memories and creates a personalised, unique service to look back poignantly at the life they led. We work with many local celebrants, you can find some of them here.

funeral Directors in East Sussex

Funeral Directors in East Sussex

If you are looking for funeral Directors in East Sussex, then we are always here to help. Either to answer a question, lend a hand, or even just listen to you. No matter which office that you reach out to, someone from our team will be able to speak with you.

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